I want to format my Dell and I was reading articles on how to go about formatting a computer but I was wondering if I could just do a quick CTRL + F11 and would that be the same thing?

I know this is probably the best place to find out exactly what the best option for me is.

Its just that this computer hasn't ever been formatted and there is a LOT of useless junk on it which has decreased performance so I wanted to format it and have a completely clean computer.

Please let me know if the CTRL + F11 would be a good idea.

PS: I have never formatted a computer and also have no idea of how to go about the CTRL+F11 thing.

Hi deepesh911,

Honestly I am not too sure. Restoring the computer may just do a quick format.

But for the purpose you want to format, it would be acceptable. All files would be lost so back up ones you want.

- go ahead.

So when I do CTRL+F11 theres no back up cd installation needed? Does the computer do everything on its own once I direct the CTRL F11?

Thanks, I will give it a try and then mark this is solved.

Do I need to back up my drivers as well? If so, where do I begin?

If you have made no changes to hardware configuration you don't need to worry about them. If you want you can update them one windows is reinstalled. Don't forget to update windows either and install the necessary security apps.

You received a driver disk with your Dell, but the drivers are available at the Dell site also.

For A Dell user Ctrl+F11 is the easiest way to go around for formatting if you don't have a good computer knowledge relating to formatting...
By pressing it'll start the 'Dell Utility' or some such shit and just go by pressing whats necessary, it'll do a clean install and restore the comp to the state in which it was bought..You'll start up with the Dell EULA and can install drivers using the utility cd you got...