I'm searching a program which detects change in registry.A program that will ask to accept or deny the change in registry.If somebody have any idea..,please help me.


Try Comodo its free for home use. This has antivirus and firewall software so you may have to replace your current one. It comes up with messages like say if your installing firefox it will say firefox.exe is trying to alter the registry allow deny.

-hope this helps

Spybot also has such a feature.

They don't identify every registry change - you'd never get any work done if that happened. They generally indicate when some program being installed/updated wants to change the registry.


I use Parento logic antispyware and works as well as the other mentioned above. Ask you first before any changes are made ie.. Allow Deny block


If you want a resource-saving program then use Winpooch 0.6.6...

Its compatible with OS versions upto XP SP2..Its a watchdog program which will alert you and ask for permission for any change and is smart and accurate, i've been using it for quite long myself.. :)