I have 2 hard disk... first hard disk is maxtor and then second hard disk is western digital!

I have problem with first hard disk maxtor! when i try for install any software or copy music or video... my system hang and i can't do anything! but i haven't this problem with second hard disk western digital!

i try for chkdsk for all drive first hard disk for bad sector but i don't get report for bad secotr!

Also i download PowerMax is for test hard disk maxtor and all report was passed!!

How i can find problem for first hard disk?

Also when i try by Partition magic 8.5 for check errors i don't get any error just drive D: i get error:



If drive D have problem why i have this problem with other drive first hard disk like C E F G ??

Thank you

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or with the connector on the motherboard (older)computers can have problems with the pin connector and the solder joint s on hte mboard if the cables are removed and replaced often or carelessly!

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