Hi ! I hav two HD 1 Ide & other sata both 80 GB. I installed a third sata 250 gb segate HD but it dosent show in vist . I hav XP on drv 0 and Vista on the other. I tried many times changing the cables etc but no use. first it showed in XP but after several restarts even that was gone. Any help will be apreciated.

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It sounds like Vista does not have a driver for your drive controller. This would be provided by whoever made the motherboard in the PC.

A lot of drive controller drivers are integrated into the Vista install disk, but not every one of them. Vista needs this driver to detect the hard drive during install.


Ther is also a chance that the BIOS is not automatically set to detect drives. changing positions can throw the bios if it is set for a manual detect. Just see in the bios if ALL the drives are detectedIf not theyn you may have some tweaking to do with either cables or master slaves eetc


Go into your control panel, click classic view on the left side, click administrative tools, click computer managment, then click disk management. Is the drive there? If you see the drive in disk management but can not see it under "my computer" , within disk managment you can right click on the drive and hit format. This should enable the drive to be recognized. Otherwise if the drive is not showing anywhere in disk management, I would restart the computer and go into the bios to see if the drive is showing up there. If not you will have your going to have to tweak the jumper settings on the IDE drive. Check your motherboard's manufacture website for updated bios flash?

good luck


Vista and xp have some major compatibilty issue's over ownership, I'm not to sure if you would want to even contemplate trying to share the storage between the two. It has cost me so much hair I'm actually thinking of sueing Billy Boy for a new rug!.

Choose which os you want to use it with. I'm assuming it's xp being on drv 0. Pull out the vista hdd. configure your raid in the bios then rock on!

Have a crack at sticking the vista drive back in and see what happens, but for Pete's sake if the drive shows on vista don't let it go near it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vista and xp might look like friends, but they're a couple of two faced mortal enemies!


Oh and buy the way, If vista has already turned to twister.

Rip the thing out and format it externally through xp!

Hope it helps :-)


If it's a drivers problem: go to bios and are a setting AHCI Mode and put on disable or ATA mode. It should work now. If not find a windows with Sata drivers incorporated .


Open the Start Menu, right-click on Computer
and select Manage. Click on Disk Management.
From the Toolbar select Action > Rescan Disks.

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