So i have windows xp sp1 and im trying to upgrade to sp2. the problem is everytime im halfway through the installation it stops goes to a blue screen with whtie writing and i can't read what it says because it goes by so fast. but it restores teh config and starts up again saying i need to uninstall the sp2 because it was not completed and is unstable. and then this site comes up.
but everything it tells me to do i try and it doesn't work. the only thing i haven't done is scan for viruses because none of them will install unless it's at least an sp2.

Go into control panel -> system

go into startup and recovery under Advanced, and make sure Automaticaly Restart is unchecked. Next time it bluescreens it should stay up, so you can write down the details for us.

I fixed this problem by jsut skippign to SP3

Thats wierd, because i didnt think you could install SP3 without SP2, because SP1 and XP RTM are no longer supported.

I had the same thing happen to me the other day. My Tech Support guy suspected a virus was causing me connection problems with launching some of company's software and took me down to Svc Pak 1 to run Malicious Software Removal Tool. After virus removed, I tried twice to reinstall Svc Pk 2 and it would hang at cleanup after installatoin of files and I would get error message saying could not finish installation. I researched problem 2 days and as last resort tried downloading Svc Pak 3 to bypass problem and it installed with no problem!!! Don't know what was causing being unable to download Svc Pk 2.

You were probably connected to the internet when you tried to install sp2.