Hey guys,

I have spent about a week now trying to install Windows on my old machine, which originally had Windows 95 installed.

The problem is, I can get into installation through the setup.exe commands when the PC boots up, but after it asks me if I agree the Microsoft License Agreement, the screen freezes, I get a black box, and a brief beep from the inside of my machine (although when I disconnected the speaker wire this beeping stopped).

I have tried Windows 95 and 98, and had the same problem, and have also tried many different ways - using Windows 95 and 98 disk, using Windows 95 and 98 boot disks, copying the CD files to hard drive and installing from there, and also gone as far as to try switch command. The furthest i've got with these switch commands is when I commanded it not to load SmartDisk scanner, and the PC still froze, but I get a repeated beep sounds, was able to use the mouse, and using the keyboard worked, for pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE. Usually when it crashes I have no control over the mouse or keyboard.

The system is old, but I would like to get it working again, and for all the years I used it, it was quite a good machine. What annoys me even more is that I tried using it a couple of minutes before doing the reformat to see if it was still alive, and all was well.

I have tried deleting the partition, creating, formatting, formatting /s etc etc, and have got no where. I just can't stop this freeze.

Could anyone help me?

Excellent news, I got it working.

Had to adjust some BIOS settings, and that was it!

Yep, that bios boot sector virus protection will get ya every time...
Glad you got it working