i am trying to view online free movies from bharatmovies.com,the display opens but the video does not start but a sign appears on the left top with three colors in it red,blue,green.i cannot understand what it is and unable to findout what is missing in my pc.

Which browser are you using?
Are you having the same problem with other online movie sites as well? For example, if you play videos at www.moovyshoovy.com
does the same error occur ? Most streaming movies need flash player. Check if you have it installed properly, and try playing some sample flvs directly from adobe

dear doodorama,
yes,unable to view moovyshoovy.com also.the same square with red,blue and green below frame appears.i do not know what is missing or the configuring mistake.i am new to the computer and if you have any solution for this,please give a detailed prescription for this.thank you

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