I'm running XP Home SP3. I rebooted my computer this afternoon only to be presented with an NT login screen when the machine came back up. It had my name and it lets me leave the PW blank and still logs me in (which is good, b/c I've never had a PW on this machine on startup). Before this, I had log-in disabled and it would go straight to the XP Welcome splash screen and then straight to my desktop.

What could possibly cause this??

I should also point out that now when I hit ctrl-alt-del, instead of getting the task manager, I get the old-style NT menu with 'lock computer, logoff' etc... I have never had anything but XP on this machine. I haven't touched the registry in over a year.

I'm pretty securely protected, running a firewall and AV software. Is there a virus that isn't being detected that could cause this behavior? Was there something in the latest MS update that could have somehow made this change?

Please tell me I'm not crazy (at least b/c of this, anyway)


Nevermind... my google-fu finally located the problem.

I recently installed a Netgear WG111 USB wireless adapter. It seems that the installation software for this little jewel replaces the existing MSGINA.dll with one of its own (RtlGina2.dll) thus causing the issue.

There is a fix, of sorts, but it is on a webpage dated Aug of '07, so I don't know if it will work with the current version of the WG111 software. However, I will attempt it and report back.

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