I cannot use Microsoft Works on my XP Home SP2 Emachines W2646 because it says I don't have permission due to a missing EULA. Is there someplace I can get this? Otherwise I have to either delete the program from my pc or completely reinstall windows using the recovery cds I got with this pc.

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If the EULA is missing it's because the file has been deleted or become corrupted. If the recovery CD gives you an option to reinstall software that process might correct the situation for you. If the entry in Add.Remove programs gives you a 'repair' option that might also correct the situation. Otherwise, a full reinstall might be necessary, given that you only have the software on the Recovery CD.


I have a similar problem. I had to restore factory settings. In doing so, all my word programs were uninstalled. I have the COA on the side of my pc, but cannot find the recovery CD. I am unable to us excel, word or any other associated programs. I can provide my COA to open the program until I am blue.. but it wont accept it because it recognizes the COA as an already registered #. Any suggestions?


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