Ok, wierd thing....... My computer is making wierd "clicking noises"................ no not the hardware or anything, its coming through the speakers............ maybe a virus or something? It sounds like it randomly plays a cheap typrewriter noise every so often through the speakers......... Anyway to remove this? (I know,,,,,,,,, kinda odd) Any help is appreciated! :cheesy:

Have you recently installed SP2 and activated the pop-up blocker? SP2 by default plays a "click" when it blocks a pop-up. To disable the sound do the following: Open Internet Explorer. Click on "Tools", then click "Internet Options". Go to the "Privacy" tab. At the bottom of that window, click on "Settings". Remove the check in front of "Play a sound when pop-up is blocked". Click on "Close" and then on "OK". Close Internet Explorer and re-open it. The "clicks" should be gone.

The above response is accurate.

There is also the possibility of (yes...believe it or not) your cell phone is too close to your speakers and is wreaking its havoc on your ears. That was the case with 3 clicking reports here.

I would investigate the first though.

Oh....... ha, i really never thought it could be my cell phone......... but yeah, i always leave it right next to my laptop....... guess i should be more careful next time! Lol. :D

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