my PC is connected in a LAN where a static IP is given by my ISP provider. Obviously my router has given another IP address for our LAN.

Now, my request is that there is a professional talk every walk and i wanted to publish over the internet by an audio link. Hence, i require an IP for my PC so that people from other country can connect to my PC over that link.

Can you pls guide me for this. I am already having a program to broadcast which is asking me to enter the static IP.

pls guide me. my email is joelsilsbee@gmail.com

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No need to re-invent the wheel here; there is already an excellent resource to help with anything network related at portforward.com.

The exact page you need is here.

Post again if you need more specific help with the static ip, or if you need help with broadcasting (I've ran a few internet radio stations over the years and may be able to help).

Hi beerlover,

Thanks a lot for your kind reply to my post.

I managed to download broadwave software to broadcast the pro talk - but others cant connect to me.

I have read thru www.portforward.com as broadwave suggested and as per your link.

Please guide me the better solution.

I think I just replied in Private Message. Sorry about that. Post again if that didn't work.

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