I need to Delete an Icon that is no longer on my Task Bar at the bottom of the screen, but it is listed in the "Past Items" of the Customize Window.
If I right click on the bottom Taskbar in XP and go to "Properties", Go to "Customize" then scroll down there is a section in the window that lists "Past Items (Icons)". I have an Icon that I need to remove from there so it doesn't show. Suggestions?

Got a screen shot I am not quite following you?

I'm not at that machine right now. Here is my process:
I right click on the bar at the bottom of Windows XP
Thins brings up a window and I click on "Properties"
This brings up a window titled "Task bar and Startup Properties"
I click on the "Customize" button
this brings up a window "Customize Notifications"
I scroll down that window until I get to "Past Items"
In there is an Icon I need to delete so it isn't listed there anymore.
How do I delete it?

Hmmm, I presume it is in the registry. Is it still displaying in the taskbar? If not is it really an issue?

If so then I would look into the forums for a note on the taskbar registry and try and delete it that way. In the meantime I will have a look.