Hi ... first of all i have a router that connected to my main pc (Computer A) .. and i have another pc (computer B) which connected by wireless (usb flash) when i acess the workgroup by computer A to the computer B ... it says : \\(computer B) is not accessible. You might not have permission blah blah blah contact your admin. thats one ........ the second problem when i access the workgroup from computer B (wireless) to compter A it opens a windows which i need to enter a password for the username :(computer A/GUEST) but i dont have password even i didnt create a password ..... So please any suggestions ??

Thanks Alot

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Can you tell us how did you set up this work group? Are you only sharing folders, or how was it set up?

What I normally do when I want to share a folder, is to create the folder on pc A, on the c drive, and right click it and mark it to be shared. On pc B, I open "My Computer" and type in the address bar the path tothis folder on pc A, \\pc A Ip number \foldername
and save it in the favourites.


ill try this .. but that's not what am looking for ...... i didnt setup anything i just entered the my network places and on the left tab i choose the "view workgroup computers" and then i can see the other computers that connected by wirelsss or cable .


OKay, you can see the computers connected, but you wil not be able to access them, without those computers allowing you the access. Therefore, on the computers you want to access, permissions must be set up.

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