I'm having the problem that so many before me have had. I cannot access https websites.

Having gleaned information from this and other sites; I tried to apply Update for Windows XP Service Pack 2 (KB884020) but that failed with a dialogue error box:- "The system cannot find the file specified".

I then attempted to de-install SP2 but was confronted with Service Pack 2 -- "The system cannot find the file specified". :mad: which file !!!!!!!!!

I then tried to re-install SP2 but ended up with "We're sorry ..." then Error number: 0x800B0001

I have installed NAV and Microsofts Antispyware within the last couple of days and I am now down to 1 file in quarantine.

By the way I installed SP2 on 27/11/2004. The problem with access to secured sites occured a fortnight ago.

I would be grateful for any help, thanks.

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I can offer 2 suggestions. You can reformat your harddrive. Start from square one. Or if you want to continue to fight it and fix it you can run hijack this and use it at a couple of automated sites. The sites are pretty good and they are free. Let me know.

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