The main idea here is to learn some trick or tips...

I have one in windows 98:
Hold down shift while pressing OK to restart,
this way you can reboot faster than normal.

In all windows:
Press alt+f4
This will close current windows you were inn or
any program that your running.


in IE ctrl w closes a widnow ;D

and in 98 it doesnt shut the computer down, it just unloads windows and reloads it via dos :)

Windows key + Pause/Break bring up the system properties menu.

Shift and F10 bring up the right-click context menu in any window, specifically whatever your cursor is active in.

Windows key + R brings up the run box
Windows key + E brings up an explorer window
Windows key + M minimizes all windows and shows only the desktop

That's about all I use/remember.

I got another tips.

For better surfing IE:
Press Ctrl + N it will open new window with the same page and back (good for safe keeping and comparing website)
Personaly i used this technics when im bidding in an auction :-)