Hello Team,

I am having an issue unzipping the Windows 7 file. During the extracting, when it gets to "efi\microsoft\boot\fonts\chs_boot.tff" it gives me the error "Unable to create file". I have download the file several times and everytime I get the same error message when unzipping the file. I am using version 12 of Winzip to unzip the file.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong or what I need to change in order to successfully unzip the file?


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Did you try using rar if you didnt then you can go to google and download it!

it should be an iso image file, just burn that to a blank dvd for use. no need to unrar or unzip.

Thanks everybody. I uninstall winzip and was able to burn it as an ISO file. I appreciated all the great feedback.


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