I have more of a question than an answer. I got the paid, 3 user version because I set up a new 64 bit system and it was recommend by a Verizon tech who could not provide 64 bit online virus control. (likewise Norton, McAfee and Symantec - short of their expensive 5 user minimum enterprise stuff)

Well, this means I am initiating two unknown factors simultaneously:
win XP Pro x64 & AVG. I have been having problems with programs that write to their own databases (i.e., Norton Ghost 14 and a planner/organizer software).

They both (and others) are erroring out and unable to interact with their data structures.

VARIABLE - XP 64 renders spell check null in Outlook Express and causes anomalous behavior in Word XP. It doesn't seem logical it is the fault XP 64 - as I have 64 bit compatible versions of everything. despite this, there are still two suspects.

It seems necessary to name "PUP" exceptions (a hands-off or whitelist for installed programs) in AVG to stop it from interfering with normal program actions, but I am still seeing database locations being re-specified, etc.

I admit I run a particularly complex system - but has anyone else had problems like this? I have suspicions that AVG runs such a tight ship it may be burning down the barn to kill the rats. In my experience, the run of the mill virus is easier to thwart.

I want to add this: MS Word was hardly running - I thought it was related to other issues. However, today I went into AVG and added all my office apps to the excluded list - "PUP" exclusions in the "resident shield" settings. It now runs like always.

These things may not affect people with 32 bit systems, but if you are running a 64 bit system with AVG and wonder where all the problems are coming from - check your AVG settings first. It definitely goes overboard, interfering with installed programs.