I recently upgraded to a new computer and am now using Windows XP Home Edition, Version 5.1, SP2.

On my old computer I used Imaging For Windows by Kodak to view and cut/crop images. On the new computer the default viewer, Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, does not appear to have a cut/crop function. (If it does can you tell me where to find it). I migrated my data and software from the old computer using Alohabob PC Relocator. If my old viewer copied correctly to the new computer, how can I find it and make it my default viewer?

If it did not copy, how can I find it on the old computer (Windows 98 Second Edition) and copy it to the new computer?

Is there a simple viewer I can download that includes a cut/crop function in it?

Thank you!


in fax viewer there is a icon down the bottom next to the help icon ,to close and open image for editing .
Not sure where Alohabob PC Relocator put it but if you go to start /search and type in the name someting should come up
in add remove programs in control panel you will find on the left an option to manage defaults ,not sure if it will be in the list though .
If you find the program you are looking for take note of where it is ,and then right click on a image and go to open with and select the program from the list ,it might not be in the list so you will have to navagate to where you found the program !lost I' am