im am unable to get the disk defragment to work on my 1 yr old window xp computer. i have never ran it before and have herd i should at least once a month. when i click on the disk defrager all what happens is a hour glass shows and thats it. what is wrong????

So you get to the defragment program or window and click analyze ???

or do you just go straight for the defrag?

Anyway does the hourglass ever go? how long have you left it?


You could try it in safe mode!
To get to safe mode use the F8 key while booting the machine. Detailed instructions from HERE

Also have you tried running defrag from the run command?

defrag /f

A volume must have at least 15% free space for defrag to completely and adequately defragment it. Defrag uses this space as a sorting area for file fragments. If a volume has less than 15% free space, defrag will only partially defragment it. To increase the free space on a volume, delete unneeded files or move them to another disk.

You cannot defragment volumes that the file system has marked as dirty, which indicates possible corruption. You must run chkdsk on a dirty volume before you can defragment it. You can determine if a volume is dirty by using the fsutil dirty query command.

this link for more


Hey Y dont u download Other disk defragmantors like Diskeeper
and give it a try.