is using folders to store related stuff the best way to do it or is there some more better way. that's all I know how to do.
thanks for info.

sorry gerbil, but don't understand. How do you make a database? I aint no pc hacker.

ok, i see its a software package for lotta $$. Im just a home user with tons of favorites and folders. Not for business use whatsoever. and don't Have access built in (XP Pro). Want something easy to use without a PHD in compsci.
gess Ill just have to see whats on the mkt and try to make the right choice and probablt won't.

Ah... I see where you are. Files and folders are it, just build a good structure with different aspects well separtated for easy location. I start right from the top with different partitions for say, graphics, music, accounting, and work on down from there. a database is not what you want... but if you did, there is OpenOffice. Free. With spreadsheets, word processor, presentation manager and more. It's right up there with M$ Office, and compatible with much of that.

how ever you stror it ,remember make sure to back them up to dvd or cd ,you cant rely on your hard drive

OK I got it. By partitions I assume you mean names for folders that I want to put the favorites in. I'm doing that now which is working out ok, in fact I named one folder "folders" to put a bunch of folders in. I need to collect other favs together into groups of like/related subject matter. then backup may favs to cd.
I'll call this solved.
thanks for the help

We..ell, by partitions I actually meant drives.... eg, C:, D:... etc all on the one [or more] hard disk drives.
But if you have only one drive [C:] on your hard disk it is rarely worth upsetting the status quo to make room for others. [if there is only one drive on a disk I try not to call it a partition...].
Go with what you are doing, collecting like files into folders, and arranging those into a tree of such. Basically it's all just grouping like stuff so it is easier to find. The My Whatever folders are not always the best way to go.

thanks gerbil. yes I have 1 HD C:
Don't care to get into partitioning it. Id crash it.
thanks again.