Hello everyone..!!
I have just formatted C:\ drive and Setup Windows Xp pro. service pack 2. My problem is that while starting windows, Windows loading screen appears and suddenly blue screen appears and restarts again.Windows couldn't load safe mode also..?!!
please help me..

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Seeing as you can't get in in either normal or safe mode the only option you have is to format it and try again really.

How did you format?
Can you see any info on the BSOD?

Change you computer memory and then try it will work

Change you computer memory and then try it will work

While that's not impossible, there's absolutely no reason to make such a suggestion just yet.

A bsod can be caused by memory failures....
Simply download the correct version of memtest86 3.5 or memtest86+ 2.0.11 using another sys to load into a floppy or to burn a cd if you do not have a floppy drive... it creates a bootable medium. If using a floppy simp;y set your sys to boot from it - it will check your mem thoroughly in about 10 mins. A single error means failure.

While formatting, at the time of last 20 minutes remaining, it stopped setup.I tried again and again. Finally i setup it from another computer by joining my hard disk to that computer.By doing this, Windows loaded properly in that computer but in my computer boot screen appeared and that error came out.

"That error" doesn't help much.
Be specific.
Remove the cover of your PC and check that all cards, including the memory are seated properly, clean out the dust bunnies and check for any loose connections.

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