I've been trying to delete some programs that i dont use i managed to delete almost all on em but i still had only 1/4 of my hard drive free so I found a folder in C:\Documents and Settings\.user-ZFG7ZFI280\My Documents and I found there same files that i had in my original "my computer" . I wanted to delete em , but just to be sure: Does it harm my computer somehow?


It could be that somehow you have a second window account that got created , at least from the docs and settings folder. Under your C:\docs and settings are there more than 1 named user account (your name and yourname.0000) or something like that. If it is in your My Documents folder and you are sure you have those files, you should be fine to delete them. You could always burn them to CD or to a flash drive depending on size if unsure.

Hope that helps.

Deleting files from the 'My Documents' folder would never cause any harm to the OS but if ur sure that its not any of your required data then you can delete it, and as said above backups can always be taken and l8r deleted if everything goes well.. :)