My Favorites Folder is empty. When I try to add something to my favorites folder I get a pop up that say Favorites refers to a location that is unavailabe. The information might have been moved to a different location.

I am not so concerned that I cannot find the info I had entered in the folder, but that I am not able to add any thing to it.

It is possible that you might have cut - copied the folder to a different location.
Anyway, what browser/software are you using?

I am using Microsoft Internet Explorer

You can refer to this page here.

As you see the Favorites folder is stored in the Documents and Settings directory in XP (that is if you are using XP). That folder might have been moved or deleted on purpose by someone else or a virus.

If the folder is missing, just try creating a new Favorites folder in the directory as shown in the link I gave. If it is still giving you problems, try reinstalling IE. If that too does not help, Formatting the Computer always helps...

Those paths are wrong on that site u linked.

Here are the correct.

C:\Documents and Settings\User Name>\


If you do not see a little star icon in there or- the favorites folder, the folder / directory is not there and path is of course not there. Either try using this file and place it in there. Or just reinstall a new version of IE.

See attachment for IE favorites file.

[be sure to unzip / extract the main folder first]

Even has default links in it, Then move it into the same directory above. That should do the trick. If not that's then its the IE path you have set it wrong. If that's the case let me know or us know and show you how to change that back correct before you go and re-install and everything.

[ or you can use the import feature, on the favorites link on the browser itself.]


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