I recently put a new SATA 500 Gb Western Digital Caviar drive in a Acer AM 5620 desktop system(3 GB Ram, Quad Core Processor). The HD was needed since it blue screened on startup(regular boot and safe mode), It also blue screened on install of XP just before it got to the setup options(install, repair, recovery console). After installing the new HD everything was great for a day. Now it freezes constantly(10+ per day). There is no pattern to the freezing, could be gaming, surfing or just clicking through folders.

I have updated all the drivers from Acer, I have checked the voltages and temperatures in the BIOS and everything is fine there. I have downloaded all the latest Windows Updates, but still it freezes. Any help on this one would be much appreciated.

PS..Spyware and AdAware scans came back clean.

If I use auditing within the Administrative tools and cross check the times it freezes with the errors listed within the administrative tools then that should give me the answer to what is causing my system to freeze right?

Get memtest86, or memtest86+ [they are pretty much the same]... the files you download will make a bootable floppy [or cd if you choose the iso]. Use the floppy to boot and check yur memory. One rror is failure.