I am having trouble seeing some graphics on some web pages that I visit. Instead of seeing the image, I see a small icon with a square, triangle and circle (kindof like a broken link icon). I am running IE6 under Windows 2000 Professional. I am also running AdsGone popup stopper. I thought it might be the AdsGone software causing the problem, so I tried shutting it down, but this did not solve the issue. This problem started happening about 2 weeks ago. To the best of my knowledge, nothing has changed on my PC. Any help you can offer would be appreciate. Thanks.

Snap, i've been having this problem for ages and it's driving me nuts, really hope someone can help here, Thanx Nightshade

If you go to tools, internet options, advanced is there a checkmark next to shkow pictures?
also what is a site that you are having problems with? We can see how it comes up for us to rule it out being a site issue.

Thanks, but I finally found the source of the problem on my own. The pictures that were failing to load were Flash objects. I found the solution on the Macromedia website:

This error can be caused by a "kill bit" entry installed in the Windows registry. This type of registry entry is usually created by an ad/pop-up blocker installation. Uninstalling the pop-up blocker will not necessarily remove this registry entry.


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