We run a VPN network, we just purchased new Acer/Aspire towers w/Vista installed. We can see our network server but cannot map a drive to a network address on the server. We have no problem doing this with our XP machines.

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May sound like a silly question, but is the network you're tying to hook into password protected?? Vista won't allow you to connect to a network or networked PC that isn't PW protected, just as a safety measure.

Also, if you are using a NAT device, you're going to likely have to ditch it to use Vista on a VPN network.

Read info here for more info


whats the error you get

The message "Login Unsuccesssful" comes back. This is after I enter the user name, server name and location and hit finish, at which point the server comes back and asks me for the usr name and pw as it should.


Well it seems that you have a norton problem/user right problem. You should first go into norton and set your security rights to allow access. Then you simply ensure that your account has access rights or adminstration rights to access the drive. Right click and log on using an administer accounts. This should solve your problem.

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