Hello there, I was curious as to what sort of beginners guide's to Microsoft Servers there are? I have Server 2008, but this is my first Server-based distro of Windows and so it's been a lot of trial and error so far. I have been unable to find any sort of guide for the non-experienced Server user. Anyone out there know of any good sources? I appreciate your time and have a great day.


Maybe you should buy a book from Microsoft Press about that topic ...

I'll be taking a trip to the bookstore to find some texts about the topic, i was hoping to find some free documentation about the topic to get me started but so far i've been unsuccessful.


And what about this ?

I know it doesn't explain you how to set up a server (for that purpose you need to buy a book, but it's just giving some general information on Windows 2008 Server)

BTW, Sorry if my English is bad !

You could also search for "windows 2008 server" on www.ebookee.com (the best resource for free ebooks about IT) ...

Probably not legal, but it's an answer to your question ...

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