ok so, here goes. . . runing xp, 512 ram like 200gig memory nvidia vidocard, mother boared I dont really know. Shared network (?) runing a wireless adapter linksys with a linksys router (on the other pc)

my problem is the following, I cannot get my online game to stay on, or should I say i cant really get it to start up, when I click on it to launch it comes up (the splash screen/launcher) and vanishes within 2 seconds or less, if i try to click on it again the splash screen does not even show, just the little hour glass comes up for a couple seconds.
ive opened task manager and discovered that when i click on the launcher i DO see the game show up on "processes" if only for 2 seconds then goes away, but not in applications.

I thought maybe it was a problem with the game itself or something haveing to do witht eh game, needless to sayive uninstalled and reinstalled the game in all the ways i can think possible.

heres the what really gets to me, I was able to open connect and paly the game before i moved ( i was also on a wirelss shared network before)
I have no virus or spyware or malware of any kind, I cleaned out anythign suspicious withthe help from the people at lavasoft (combofix, hijackthis etc)

what should i do ? also I do not have a windows disc

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