Hi everyone!

I bought an Acer AspireOne laptop in Bangkok and changed the keyboard settings etc so it would be a european keyboard. Also the language and area has been changed to english uk.

I have tried adding a password for the laptop so only i can access it, uunfort when i do this it accepts my password when creating the user profile but when i go to log in when i have restarted the computer it is saying my password is wrong and has Thai beside the sign in box where i am meant to type my password.

Does anyone know how to change this to it is also english as i presume this is the issue?

Thanks for your help in advance

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i dont currently have a user password screen and i am the only user and am listed as administor.

is there anywhere i can change the whole computer to UK format?



dont worry got it fixed now, one last setting needed to be changed from thai for uni-codes or somesort!

Thanks for your time, have a good day

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