I've got Windows Xp which i recently reinstalled. For about the first week the drives were reading now when i put in any DVD/CD i get an error saying: the disk is not formatted or it is corrupted and windows cant read them. when all the disks i put in were working a week ago and are in the same condition no scratching or dirt/dust. With a fresh restart any rejected disk is occaisonaly read but when i put in the next one in the same session i get the error stated above. What do i do?

i posted this yesterday in a very similar forum i think it holds true for you as well take alook at it.

(copied from other forum)

do two things

hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and goto your proformace tab post back whats it says interms of % of CPU usage.

next just as a thing to do

goto the start menu
choose run
type: msconfig
in the program that pops up you want to choose selective start up and UNCHECK the start up items option restart your computer, there could be something that is conflicting with it. one warning here if you have something that starts with the computer THAT YOU KNOW FOR A FACT YOU HAVE TO HAVE RUNNING post or email me first if not this is rarely an issue 99 times out of 100 its a non issue.

also a third one for your goto google and search out CCLEANER. run the different options its does exactly what its name says Crap Cleaner.

post back what happens afterwards as well as your cpu usage and well see where your at.

Sorry it has taken me this long to reply. I have done the the things you told me but to no effect. I also ran ccleaner to no effect. On average my Cpu usage stays around 0% So im still stuck with the situation said in the first post

the final test is to boot the system off of a bootable disk such as the windows xp disk or a norton antivirus disk if it does not boot from that disk then the drive is dead if it does then there is a windows issue

I am able to boot from boot disks and i am quite sure that both the drives are not dead as they were bought new about 2 years ago

I have also just now discovered that when i go to switch an image on my virtual drive with Alchohol 120% i get the exact same error

i would have to say at this point the easiest solution will be to reinstall windows. something may have been corrupted or you may have a viruse its had to say with out being able to sit down with it

Probably your ASPI drivers are corrupt. You could try installing fresh ones. Reinstalling Nero usually does the trick. If not, google ASPI.