Hello, long time reader first time poster.
I ran into a problem today with my XP system. While browsing the web, the graphics on my screen seemed to go crazy. There were all different colors of what appeared to be little tilde's (the character) on my screen. They generally were present where there had been a window that was open, and they would mostly be confined to the place of that window. e.g., if I opened the start menu and closed it there would be a patch of disfigured color in the rectangle where it was.

Anyway, I rebooted my system thinking that would fix it and saw a bunch of disfigured characters on my BIOS screen and while it booted in general (I included a screenshot of the character disfiguration at this point). It gets through to the Windows splash screen with the loading bar, and from there the screen goes black. The system and monitor are still on. I had the latest video drivers for my card. Here's a link to the picture


I have tried to boot from the original Windows XP CD and use the recovery feature without any luck.

My system specs are:
GeForce 8600 GT
32-bit processor (AMD Athlon X2)
Gigabyte motherboard
340 GB HD
I run at 2560x1600 resolution

I built this machine a year ago and have never had any problems with it up until now. It's unlikely that it has a virus; I do a system wide scan twice a month, and the last scan happened to be 2 days ago.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful. I'll check back here as often as possible with updates.


i think you need check the slot of your PCI E before changing your graphic card test it first in other computer i u have one. i it is one year i think your card i already full of dest ^ _ ^.

I'll try the above 2 suggestions when I get home from work -- thanks for the input also.

You could also try removing the graphics card if it has onboard graphics.

If you motherboard has a VGA connection you should be able to boot without a dedicated graphics card.