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AFAIK (As far as I know) Service Pack 2 hasn't been released yet. All that's out there is "Release Candidates" which may contain bugs themselves. Wait until SP2 is officially released and then get it.


What do you mean by 'better'?

That's a value judgement, and difficult to apply to an operating system. There's nothing wrong with Service Pack 1 after all!

SP2 contains all the updates that have been issued since the inital release of SP1, plus improvements to Internet Explorer, Internet Connection Firewall, improved networking features and security, and a host of other improvements, mostly security-related.

Get it here! WARNING!! It is 'beta' software, not final release, and may still contain 'bugs'!

Read about it in detail here!


Like CatWeazle said, you don't compare the two. Service pack two has fixes that improve on the fixes contained in service pack one. Hence the term "Service Pack" sp1 is the first service pack, and sp2 will be the second.

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