Hello all,
I'd need some tips on how to unformat a hard drive. Presently, it is used as a slave drive--there is no partition with an operating system, and is currently formatted for Windows.
All data has been moved or deleted and now I would like to "wipe it clean" so to speak and reformat for use in my new Mac.
I still have my PC and run Windows XP.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

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I am not a big user of Mac's but I am pretty sure that if you just want to use it as an extra drive you need to format it to the FAT32 filesystem.

If it is set-up as a slave drive right now then you should be able to fix format it right within Windows itself.

1. Boot into Windows
2. Go to My Computer
3. Right-click on the drive you want to format
4. Select 'format'
5. Choose "FAT-32" from the filesystem drop down
..and away you go!

However if you want to use the hard drive as the primary drive (that holds the mac os), it would have to be formatted to HFS+, which I know close to nothing about (I am a PC guy)

Good luck!

I'm not familiar with Macs or their OSes, but simply deleting the partitions and/or logical drives is enough to prepare it for new machine, giving that Mac's OS bootable CD/DVD is capable of creating partitions and logical drives.

I suggest that you leave the formatting to Mac.. Not PC.

You can use disk management in your current machine, if the drive in question is set as slave.
Can't wipe them much cleaner than that.

go to the mac area instead of windows, they will sort out your problem... here there are too many windows helpers

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