I read recently that Windows 7 when it arrives will have to be a clean install. Frankly running a small home network and the idea of a complete clean install of both software and data doe s not impress me. Having run the virtual machine and quite like WIN7 has anyone any further ideas on how one might avoid hours of work to please microsoft... ie find a liegitimate update from XP pro to WIN 7 without many wasted hours (oh and IE not there either?)
Ta for views

To be honest, a clean install is always the preferred option. Even running the "upgrade" option from an existing XP or Vista install is likely to create the proverbial frankenstein build, where you end up with a mish-mash of drivers and apps, both supported and unsupported.

What you save in time initially creates more headaches than it is worth. With a clean install you can be sure you are using the latest and most appropriate drivers, can far more easily troubleshoot any application incompatibilities that arise along the way. I honestly NEVER recommend the upgrade option.

Also be aware that upgrade option is impossible if moving from previous x86 version to a x64 install.

As to IE, MS has fully enabled the removal of IE in Win7 at any time you desire. Just be aware that some sites still make use of ActiveX, as well as some applications requiring IE (certain Office 2010 features needing IE, at least at this point, although this s'posedly set to be corrected by final release). Is honestly best to keep at his point and simply set alternate browser as default.

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