Crome is the latest browser according to user, but i can not use it, after installation there arise a problem. i don't know if it need to any cofigure. please help me if you have any idea about this.

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Could you tell us what the problem is?

No internet connection, problem launching the web browser etc...

You should specify your question more clearly.
If you are getting sync error or error 101 - these are the most common errors of Google Chrome, so uninstall it again and then try downloading it from a different site, like, because the Google file on Google's site is sometimes corrupted because to many people at once are downloading it. Ensure to install Firefox 3.1 for the Chrome Engine to work properly. Upgrade XP to SP 3 and Vista to SP1. This should help. If you are still receiving errors,
it could be an indicator for a spyware infection. Update your antivirus software then and schedule a scan ;)

Google Chrome is not a mature browser.
I found that it has css handling issues, compared to firefox, even if it was created by the same people. It's the worse browser when it comes to stability, it crashes all the time, if you have opened more than 3-4 tabs.
I cannot understand how a browser of a few Kb can bring the whole operating system to its knees? You can stop it from the task manager, and the system resumes.
If you have Firefox installed, Chrome installs in the same folder, that's another thing i found weird.
There are things that i like, though.
It looks great, and for people that don't need many tabs open, it's great. Also, the Most visited page is pretty cool. Not to mention the Incognito mode...

chrome is a latest browser, but i can not use it beacuse i think firefox is the best.


You really should use Google Chrome, it's fast, clean and easy. Plus it's very safe :)

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