For the past few days, I've been trying to watch videos on a website called and usually I'm only able to watch for about 5 minutes or so before I get a message that says:

"You have watched your 72 minutes for the day, wait 54 minutes or register to continue watching"

So basically if you're not a member, you only get to watch for 72 minutes (I think 72) straight before you have to take a break. Is it possible someone else who is not a member has duped Megavideo into thinking it's my computer that is watching videos when in reality they are, so they are able to watch as much as they want?

If so, what are possible ways that person could have tricked Megavideo and how can I block them from continuing to do so?

I know they are pretty stringent on time limits, but also have constraints on how many vids you can watch over a period of time (ie, two or three short clips may also hit the limit, even if the whole "72" minutes has not been used).

To be honest, I think they use their movie stream sites (along with MegaP@rn) to help maximise what they can offer with MegaUpload for free. It seems they believe that by seriously crimping free access to streaming video, more ppl will pay-up for greater access - funds then used for their flagship product.