I have two virtual machines, one running Server 2003 Enterprise and one running Windows XP Professional. I want these two operating systems to operate in there own network, not connected to anything else. I have been doing some research but have been getting confused and I have had no look...


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Are they configured with a bridged ethernet adapter from your host OS? They should be able to communicate with standard TCP/IP networking.

You can firewall egress on the host OS to stop their traffic from leaving the local computer.

I just set them to bridged, I am rather new but they don't seem to see each other..., I am not sure what you mean...

Sorry, newbie here :?:


Do you have the interfaces configured on the VMs? Can they ping eachother? What are their network settings? What is the host OS' network settings? How are you testing them "seeing eachother"? What is the host OS?

Vmware installs 2 adapters on the host machine by default, I have not changed any of them, the host OS is Windows Vista Home Premium, and I am testing them by trying to connect to a domain, the both VM's can connect to the internet from the host machine though...


Ah i'm not sure about Vista. I'm still holding on to XP :) You might try freenode's irc channel for VMWare: irc.freenode.net -- channel #vmware. You can use mIRC as an IRC client: http://www.mirc.com. You can find vmWare developers and excellent support there.

I have a XP machine with VMware, would it work on there? I dont want it to contact the host for connection, just manage a little network between the VM's?


I'm not sure if it would work or not but more than likely yes. My experience with Vista is that everything breaks. I'm not knocking Vista -- it is a change that has to happen. However I haven't had good luck with it so far.

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