Alright I got a new computer with an 8800 geforce graphics card and I have a dual monitor setup. One is digital and the other is an old crt (I have the adaptor so I can plug it into my graphics card).
Problem: The crt has a nice crisp image and it looks fine but the good 20' (digital) monitor is blurry. It isn't like extremely blurry, but there is a noticible difference. The monitor worked with my old computer and I'm pretty sure it worked with this one for a while. Also I can't put my crt monitor in the place I have my digital monitor plugged into and i cant put my digital monitor into the input where the crt monitor is. The computer is alread at the suggested resolution (1440x900). any ideas?
Then another little side issue is when I move my windows of anything, instead of showing that the window is moving, it keeps the window in place and just shows a gray outline of the moving window. My other computer didn't do that and I'd like to know if there is anything i can do or download to get it back to regular.
Thanks to anyone who helps =]
also when i play games the screen isnt blurry. it is a nice crisp image.

try going into the video setup where you set the resolution ans up the refresh rate for the blurr,not sure what moving windows problem is ,maybe go the video card makers website and getthe lates drivers if you didn't all ready

alright, refresh rate is at the max (75) and drivers are up to date. any other ideas?


anyone else?

How blurry are you talking?

CRT displays still have better resolution than the usual LCD units.

its not thatt blurry. its like you'd probably only notice it if you had the other monitor to compare it to or if you knew to look for it. But it is like decently blurry and there must be some way to sharpen it up.

I haven't spent a lot of time in front of a LCD, but i think what you see is normal and nothing gona fix it for you .you might check the system properties ,right click on mycomputer/properties /advanced /performance settings and make sure that smooth edges of screen fonts is check off

The grey outline when dragging a window - this option you have selected is less meory intensive than dragging the windows contents. The checkbox is here: go Start, run, paste in...
control sysdm.cpl,,3 -and choose Performance Settings.

try the lcd display menu. try different settings and you might want to check out the size of the font that is being used. as stated earlier the crt will show certain fonts better that the lcd you just have to find the right setting

alright well the screen is still slightly blurry but at this point i'm assuming that it is just the fact that it is an lcd screen. But if there was some way that i could get the LCD screen to sharpen the text because i honestly feel like my vision is slowly deteriorating as i stare at the screen. but the performance properties did help some of my issues such as the dragging window. i made sure all the boxes were checked. so thank you bobby, gerbil, and caperjack.

i also have one other little problem, all of my programs that i run are running at a much higher mem usage than on my other computer and than all my friends. such as skype and aim on my other computer and on my friends computer runs at like 20,000k mem usage but on mine it runs at about 50,000k. any ideas on how to cut this down

Did you get more RAM than in your old machine? Cos windows looks at what you have and then assigns memory to each process so that while keeping a good reserve page faults are minimised. So withmore RAM, there will be fewer read/writes to page memory because processes are given more memory to play in.
And your LCD screen should be as sharp as... on a white space on your screen you should be able to just make out individual pixels... so that's how sharp it can be. It has to be a video card issue. I think.

alright well just to let you all know i wasnt crazy, my screen really was blurry. I found out that my graphics card driver wasnt updating so it was stuck at version 76. So I went out and got a new one and now i'm updated to 100 something and the screen looks rediculously perfect.
i want to thank you all very much for you help and patience in this issue because i really was about to freak out.

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