I have Windows Vista Premium and cable internet through Charter Communications. All of a sudden my ipv4 address reverted to a 169. I called their technical support and we walked thru several possible solutions such as release/renew, resetting the connection from their end, resetting my modem which is connected directly to the pc with no wireless router. It would not release, stating that there was a need for elevation. And it would not renew, stating something about timing out due to inability to communicate...dhcp...blah blah. I tried changing the cable line, splitter, got a new modem. EVERYTHING. So they said they wouldn't be able to have a tech come out until the 14th because of Gustav and Ike's impact on our region. This was slightly a problem as I begin college courses online on Monday, October 13th. They never gave me a time so I called back. I was then told that someone on Charter's end had cancelled the appt. without my knowledge or consent. It had to be rescheduled for Friday, the 17th!! To attempt to appease me, she gave me a$20 credit off my bill. But that means I'll be out for the ENTIRE FIRST WEEK OF CLASSES. I REALLY need to see if I can fix this myself as I can't miss the first week. Please help.
oh, fyi:
I reset the tcp/ip stacks. I turned off firewall when appropriate. I even tried restoring to an earlier point.

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This sounds like it has to be on their end, do you have another computer (maybe a laptop) you can hook up to the modem and see if it works? If changing a computer doesn't fix it it's almost certainly not something that you'd be able to fix as most cable modems are locked up pretty tight as far as settings a user can change.

That said I would call back again, repeatedly if necessary, and demand they give you a sooner appointment. Tell them that this is an emergency and they canceled the appointment without contacting you. If they wont budge tell them that "you're sure you could get DSL installed before Firday".

Thanks so much. Only thing I might be able to do is have my sister in law bring her tower over....my laptop has not arrived as of yet.

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