im getting that as an error msg anytime i click on anything on my desktop...y?
i have had so many problems with this machine...i cant go online with it either cause i get iexplorer.exe has generated an error. what does this mean? i had a virus but after using a virus remover and spybot and adaware it says it doesnt find anything. i dunno what else to try please help...if u can can u im me on aol instant messenger at the s/n skyline tragedy thank u, ill be on all night

iexplore.exe generates errors because of :

1) some add on causes a crash .... if you find some add on name in your error report then you can disable that add on ...

2) the second reason is of active x controls ... they can also cause errors.

3) and the third reason can be that IE itself has gone through an error


1) perform a spyware scan (you've done it .... post your hijackthis log in spyware and nasties section)

2) perform a virus scan (you've done it too)

3) run system file checker (sfc) ... this will check if your system files are in healthy state.

If the problem still persists .. you can perform a reinstall of internet explorer .......