I went to start up my computer today, and then suddenly LSASS.exe came up with a error "Insufficient resources
exist to complete api" It then froze my mouse, and forced me to reboot. I tried Safe Mode, came up with a bluescreen and a fatal error, I tried last known configuriation etc etc

I have literally no room on C: Drive, if I could get on somehow and free some room I could get it to work. I don't have the windows xp disk, which means I can't even re-format.

I need help urgently.

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I can't access the computer, Thus I cannot scan anything


You could try a boot cd or if able then use dos!
(disable bios startup from HD.
find an old DOS start up disk and then you can use the dos commands to delete directorys or progs not wanted to free up space.
dangerous but works.
you will then have to reset the bios. and probably restart with a win boot cd!

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