Hi, all

I am running a small home LAN. I am unable to access web pages from a Win 98 machine-
(Tried IE 6.x, and Firefox1.0.2) E-mail, YIM, etc are all functioning correctly,
and I am able to access the web from the two XP machines on the network. Pings to
known web addresses time out.

I am using McAfee Security Center including Personal Firewall Plus 5.0. I've tried
setting the security levels lower in IE, IU've tried re-setting the LAN settings...

Be glad for any suggestions of other places to look.

If not, it just so happens I got the new HDD in the mail today- scandisk has been
finding bad sectors for the last couple of weeks...



Disable the firewall for a test.

Yopp yopp, first thing to disable is the firewall. Always a good step if u got any network connectivity problems

Thanks, guys

Tried disabling firewall first thing, B4 I started playing with the LAN settings.

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