I installed Windows ME on one computer and is shows up in 16 million colors. When I install the same thing on another computer is shows up in 16 colors. Why does it work for one and not the other. I currently have it installed on one computer with 16 colors. When I search for an updated driver, it says that it is already installed. I can't do windows update because I don't have internet, but I use my mom's computer and burn stuff on a cd. I have a HP computer. Do I go to their website and download it.

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We need to know what make/model of video card the computer has, and what driver that video card is using in order to help you most directly. You can get the that information by looking in Device Manager. Copy down the name of the video card and driver (including version) and post it here.


are these the serial numbers

vectra vli8



That information is for the make/model of the whole computer, not the video card. To give you the most accurate help you need to give us the information for the video card itself as I asked in my previous post.

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