i have a dell Latitude D600 laptop
i cant go on the internet or use the internal NIC card and its really bugging me
Even Dell Quick set Application cant turn ON and OFF the NIC

i go to power management and it says that the card is off, but i dont know how to turn it on
Pls Any comment

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did you try device manager ,network adapter and see if its disable there ,if so enable it and see what happens .
device manger= right click on mycomputer /properties/hardware /device manager


If visible in Device Manager, but showing a yellow triangle, is likely a driver issue... if recently applied updates, or especially Service Pack, may have a compatibility issue. In this case, go to manufacturer's website (likely Intel) and download latest driver stack and install.

If not visible in Device Manger is likely a hardware issue...either device has come loose or blown. If confident enough, oper case and check to see if device has come loose - otherwise take in for service tech to look over.

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