Has anyone run into this…? I am hoping there is a quick fix…
I have a user that has a brand new T2400… I went into hook him up to a printer and for some reason or another it will not let me… If I go to the printer server and right click –connect it just acts like it connects but when I go into the printer and fax window nothing shows up (see attached file), (not even the normal MS Document Image Writer, or CutePDF printer that is installed). It looks similar to if the print spooler is not started but I have verified it is started and have restarted, and rebooted a couple times. I have also logged in as myself to see what happens and I am still unable to connect and see any printers. I have verified that we are both admins. When I click the add printer wizard nothing pops up, the same goes for basically anything else I click on in the printers and fax window…
Is there anything that I might be missing? Seems like this should be an easy fix but short of a reload I am not sure what else to try…

Can you print from the printer locally?

Can you print from the printer locally?]

Yes, it works when directly connected.

Is the IP for that printer in conflict with the other IP addresses on the network?

No, this is an office that has about 10 printers and none are showing.

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is the computer concerned in the same workgroup as the othe computers. Also remmmmmmmber to share the printer so yhe net work can see it


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