i setup my IIS to allow ppl can use ftp their website by ftp.domainame.com to manage their site
but here come the problem
the users cant login to their site now (used to be good, but not anymore -_-||| )

log event is

user *** failed to logon, could not access the home directory /.

i am sure i do give permission to the users
all the users are in a group and give permission to the root of all the website directories

where the hell is the / anyway?

this thing is pissing me off for more than 3 days.......
just cant figure it out.....

any help will make me a happy man........


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Do the folders have web sharing turned on?

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Do the folders have web sharing turned on?

web sharing?
what u mean web sharing?

Open up the windows explorer to browse your files. Right-click a folder and goto properties. You should see a web-sharing tab. Click that and the rest should be self-explanitory.

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