Ok, I have been working on an old pc for the last 2 weeks straight, I have everything I need
accomplished except installing an OS. The PC is a '97 model with a 200MHZ processor.
I have an new 80gig Seagate HDD I installed, An original 4gig Maxtor which I took out. BIOS
only recognizes 8 1/2 gigs of the 80, I understand why that is. I ran the setup wizard that came with the
new HDD and carefully set the drive up. At this point everything looks normal. The wizard ask me to
take it's cd out and inset my OS disk (Windows 2000) then reboot to set up my OS. After rebooting I get
a message saying, Press any key to boot from CD. I do so, I then get the message, NTLDR is missing Press
Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart your computer. Thinking NTLDR missing would be seen if booting from a empty HDD not
a OS cd. I checked the boot sequence in BIOS and everything is correct. I reboot and now get the message,
Invalid Boot.INI File. Trying this again, now I get the message, The following file is missing or corrupt <Windows 2000 root>\System 32\ntoskrnl.exe
I seem to be getting one of these error messages each time I reboot. The CD-ROM is working as for it runs the disk
wizard, The OS disk will start right up on my pc, so the disk is ok. I had FDISKed the 4gig prior to this problem
and was going to use it for a back up, I took the 80gig out and reinstalled the 4gig, I get all the same messages.
Right now I have the new 80gig in this machine as a slave to see what I can possibly do. Thank You in advance for help.

Thank You caperjack, alot of good info there. :)