Hey a few days ago we had a power outage while i wasnt home. Came back and turned on the computer and it keeps freezing. Ill start up, log on, and get to the desktop. Then if i click any icons it freezes. I tried running norton but it scanned only 48 files in 30 minutes before it just froze. Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful since thats the computer i use to run my business from. Thanks.

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maybe something is wrong with the hard drive.

Goto my computer right click on the hard drive icon, click on tools and click on error checking.


the only way i can do that is in safe mode. so i would go and click check errors and it says it cant do it while in use would i like to schedule it to run on the next boot up. so i said yes and restarted and nothing. i know earlier when i was looking through posts someone had done command prompt in safe mode and did a restore point and said it worked. if i can find that again i will try that next.


After a power failure is very possible to have problems with your hard drive. You should try a system restore. If this thing doesn't work you can run check disk. If the problem persists you must reinstall your OS.

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