I had a hard drive failure, prior to this happening my sound was working perfectly. Replaced my hard drive, and reinstalled WinXP Pro and updates, all drivers, including SoundMax, from motherboard CD (ASUS P5B) thought I added everything back but my sound is only partially working. If I play a CD all is well. My onboard sound device will not play Internet audio or WAV files. I went to the Control Panel under Sound and Audio Devices, went to sounds and all the windows sounds when clicked on won’t play, the play button is grayed out. What am I overlooking? Can someone please help me out? Thanks.

1. Check correct Audio device is chosen under Sound and Audio Devices.
2. Check that there are no conflicts in Device Manager.
(My Computer\System Properties\Hardware\Device Manager.
If so remove and re-install Sound Driver(s)

Also, get the latest audio driver from the Asus website. My Asus mobo was only 3 months old when I built it up and the drivers on the cd were already out of date.

Thanks Sparkas and RIK for your replies.
There are no conflicts, default device is SoundMax HD as matter of fact SoundMax is the only option under “default device.” In addition I have the latest SoundMax HD drivers from ASUS, downloaded them last week, yet the problem persists!!

Do you have SP3 installed? Because I has problems with my audio with SP3 installed so I uninstalled it.

Solved! I reinstalled windows as an update and it fixed the driver problems! Thanks for the help!