O.k. techs,,, lets put you through the test.... I was doing a repair install, and all was good untill 3 to 5 minutes left of process, (xp install), and my cpu rebooted. After reboot it would only go to black screen with my mouse curser showing. After some research on this web sight, I found some help and followed the long process to the "T". after the reeboot I was to go to safe mode and follow more instructions, but as I selected safe mode, it showed the scrolling screen of loading drivers but froze right when you would think it was going to log in screen. I let it set for an hour, just in case it was just slow, but still would not proceed to log in screen. so I reset the cpu, and let it go back to normal start up and as it gets to the logo screen with the green night rider car bar,(do not know how to describe the moving bar), it runs through the driver load up, I can tell this by my key board lights flashing once to show recogenision, and when it starts to the logon page, it just goes black and does nothing else,,, FROZEN!! I could reformat and reinstall, but my recording studio is my life,,, and would you believe, I have not backed this up in a while. I put to much faith in my cpu I know,,, Rookie mistake for an advanced user,,, OOPS!!. I have other things also that would just be a nightmare to recover.
I took the hard drive and slaved to my other cpu and all my files are in tact such as programs, doc & settings folder,, and even where I backed my registry up a few days ago before applying some cool tweaks from a user on this sight. I seen the system restore points and all that. Is there a way to restore the registry or restore a restore point with the recovery console on the CD? Is there any thing I can do to keep my programs? Programs are the only real thing I am worried about. I am donating to this sight thursday or friday for other help and tricks I have recieved,,, I cashed in my 401k and thought it would be a nice jester, seeing I was recently unemployed due to lay off and now have great job. I would be willing to pay for the info if it is allowed by the sight rules,,, I do not want to do anything to get me or anyone else kicked from this awsome info paradise. I just know it can be done,,, but have exhausted all sources, and still nothing. I have used nemerouse console repair tips off of this sight for the symptoms I have, but still the same old freeze.
786mb ram
no extra devices just in case that was problem
Please help??????
*******(My word is good for the lord give me a tounge)********

did u try a new install, this would delete the present windows and the registry then reinstall without u loosing your day..

you also stated that u put the hdd in another pc, back up your file there. and if the reinstall dont work then u can format and install clean then slave the drive again and copy back your dat to the drive

well, what I have done, is installed onto a new hard drive win xp,,, and the few little programs like my Quake2 and Cake walk pro audio 9, I am copying to new folder on new drive after I install them. I will keep the original hard drive untill a solution is found. And yes I tried a new install but haulted because it said I would loose my doc and so on. It would not give me the option to repair in the install win xp, after exepting the F8 agreement. If you know what I am talking about. Thanks for the try though,, maybe someone can feel my pain!!! LOLOL

Thought I'd mention it again, take the files that you need to keep and copy them to the hard drive that is working in the other computer, then do a reformat on the bad drive, copy the files back once the drive is working, and voila.